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“I want to sincerely thank everyone at the firm of Kushner and Kushner. Last week I received my disability benefits and could not have done it without their help. I tried by myself two times and failed. If you are honest with them, make sure to have enough medical evidence, and learn how to be patient, they will work as hard as they can for you. I appreciate them all very much and I would highly recommend them. I got a very favorable bench decision from the judge.”
-James G. ★★★★★

“Kushner & Kushner is a great law firm. I previously posted that I had gone to another law firm due to miscommunication with this law firm but that changed. After much thought I decided not to change from a law firm that I know & trust. I definitely recommend Jonas Kushner as a lawyer.”
-Leigh L. ★★★★★

“Very professional and came highly recommended by my family attorney. They will tell you how it is there with no bull.”
-Kori P. ★★★★★

“I’ve recently hired + have been accepted my The Kushner’s law firm. My first appt.+ meeting w/ David + Mrs.Kushner was a professional, kind,+ very thorough with paperwork, + whats needed, explaining what i had to sign + why? I don’t like to talk bad about past experiences bc i don’t think it was personal it just was what it was + may have been out of their control. However, I’m moving forward with the Kushner Families Firm. I honestly have a good feeling + faith in them representing me. I’ve have talked to 2-3 ppl.who have known ppl.that have used them or heard about their reputation to be one as a good experience, knowledgeable, not afraid to speak up + fight for their clients!!! Ive read some of the reviews and i know, i feel the struggle, the pain + frustration. However, it’s not always or possibly ever the attorney’s fault. Think of it. They only get paid if you/they win you’re case⁉ So, in my rationalisation mind it behuves them to do the best they can to win.‼ Right? Right? Like i said the first appt.was a great one David was the gentlemen who looked through my documents , made copies, made my folder for me + I’m sure he did alot more than i knew. Lol. I got to meet Mrs.Kushner + she’s very polite + i can tell she knows her stuff!!! She’s was very personable, kind, professional , hard working woman with DETERMINED ATTITUDE. I’ve only had to call ofc.back 1x for a question + ofc.mgr.or whom answered phone was very courtesy, thorough in answering my questions + kind. Yes, there’s alot of leg work that we have to do or have had done. If you are disabled w/ an illness or sickness in whatever it may be…chances are you already have a lengthy medical history of doctors/ diagnosis, forms etc…In which only we have records of to give to them rt.? As far as the client,( Us), we should already have/had a doctor in play already rt? I know every case is different. I’m trying to say I’m sure if they accepted you’re case they will try the best they can w/ what they have on hand as back-up, proof, doctors in agreement always helps ,( in my opinion), I’m so looking forward to finally having a positive outlook/outcome to my case. I feel the Kushner + Kushner firm will be my success in getting what i deserve. I’m the real deal. So, with that i hope this has enlightened those to realize it’s not easy on them + I’m sure w/out a shadow of a doubt every case they accept they try to win bc lets be realistic they do not get paid until are case is won!!! Thank you for the time in reading my review. To the Kushner team i cant wait for the approved letter i know you are going to get me , the approval i so deserve! I think we go through the other experiences for many reasons some unknown , some i blame myself for my naivety. However, not anylonger I now know i have finally found the right firm to represent myself ,( others), + that it all happened for a reason; I’m more knowledgeable, i know it’s not the lawyers fault always. We as patients/clients have to do many different things, that quite frankly that just cannot be done by our lawyers. It has to be done by us , ( the disabled ones, the client), the law firm that you feel are able to help you win you’re case. However, it helps to find the right ones that know you’ve done youre part that will help them win you’re case. Especially for someone like myself who really genuinely deserves it + are disabled w/ their conditions or which ever the case may be. So, i hoped this helped. To the Kushner team i look forward to working with you + i want to let you know i have ???? confidence in you’re firm + staff that you will do whatever in your power to win my case. I just feel it!!! So, w/ that I’ll end my review on a positive note/review + thank you from the bottom of my heart that you’ll uniquivetly do the best you can do in giving myself,( others),a favorable outcome. Thanks Again”
-Jamie H. ★★★★★

“I highly recommend Kushner & Kushner, I had a very positive outcome in my case with this law firm’s representation. I would like to thank attorneys Roberta Kushner, Yalitza, Neena Kushner, Nick, Morgan, Melissa, Brianna and Devin for all their help. A special thanks to the firm’s attorneys for their knowledge, experience and expertise.”
-J.C. ★★★★★

“They do great job and help you with ever thing”
-Elizabeth A. ★★★★★

“I hired Jonas Kushner and he won my case. His firm is excellent. His staff very professional. Would recommend their firm to anyone that needed a disability lawyer”
-Nancy R. ★★★★★

“My wife had a tight deadline to file for Social Security disability and they gave us an appointment the next day. When we arrived we were well met and brought in promptly. My wife was asked some questions by a guy who used to work at the Social Security administration. Next, one of the attorneys came in, told us they would take the case and and answered all our questions. After that a case worker came in and helped her fill out some paperwork and sign the contract. All of this was done in a friendly, professional manner. However, my wife was told to call in two days to make sure her deadline had been met and at first it seemed like the case worker had forgotten her. Once we got her back on track, the paperwork was filed that same day. The approval process can take months so I’ll have to come back and update this review later, but for now I can say we’re satisfied.”
-Bill L. ★★★★★

“Jonas Kushner was my attorney since 2011 for my disability case. Unfortunately due to some communication problems I had to go with another attorney just recently but I would still refer people to Jonas. I believe he did the best that he could with my case.”
-Leigh L. ★★★★★

“Was prepared in court and won my case!”
-Pete P. ★★★★★

“Great attorneys”
-Jessica D. ★★★★★

“There great people,very smart.”
-Henry K. ★★★★★

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